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Business annoyances

January 24th, 2014 (07:04 pm)

There's some thing I wanted to mention in the last post but forgot.

A supermarket opened up about last Halloween and two weekends ago I drove past it and they still had their "Now Open" signs up. Plus they were taking applications. Now they were open for 2.5 months and not only they're still in their "grand opening stage" but they've already gone through some employees. So while they were "newly opened" someone was hired and something happened in their life to cause them to no longer work there. That doesn't seem right.

The other thing that bugs me with restaurants is when the service is slow and there's no functioning "contact us" page on their website. I'm looking at YOU "Warren Ale House"! It should not take 15 minutes to get a beer in a mostly empty place and it shouldn't take another 15 minutes for a simple appetizer!