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alverant [userpic]


January 12th, 2014 (03:35 pm)

This post is mostly going to be me venting about some annoyances I faced today. They're pretty small compared to the real problems other people are facing, but sometimes a man's gotta complain.

* I went out of my way to visit a Rock Bottom Brewery in Warrenville while running errands because they sent me an ad last week for their cheeseburger nachos. That sounded good so I went in just to try them. Well guess what, I was told no one knew how to make them. So I left. I saw the waitress speak with her boss about it so maybe something would get done. But they should have been ready in the first place. I don't go there as often as I'd like so that was pretty much my best chance to go there in months and by then that item will be off the menu.

* Barbers who ask you how you like your hair without giving you your glasses first.

* Slow service at the Warren's Ale House. I was going to order a burger after my appetizer but I had to wait so long for the latter I decided not to get the former. The food is good, but the staff is slow. I saw them chatting with customers and each other. The only thing they were fast at was running my credit card.

* BellaSolutions sent me a damaged calendar last week. Now to be fair, they gave me half my money back since they couldn't replace it. Except the stores are already selling calendars at half off so I could have paid the same amount at the mall and gotten an undamaged one. From now on, I'm going to take some time out of a weekend each January and go to the mall first then Amazon just in case they don't have what I want.

Now some good news. A sucker investor bought the Morgan's Charhouse in Warrenville. The "for sale" sign is gone and I saw someone working on the inside. Good for them. I'll try and visit when they reopen an hope they're better than their predecessor. But I still say the location is lousy.