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pot gardening

April 27th, 2013 (10:04 am)

Today was the local Prairie Plants sale. I picked up a sensitive fern, two turtleheads, and an elm goldenrod and planted all of them in pots. I also planted seeds for rosemary and lavender in my larger pot and finally used this herb growing kit my parents gave me for Christmas some years ago. I don't know how well these plants are going to do. The soil I have is old and the water was just running right through it and out the bottom. But it was a chance to go outside and do something. And you never know until you try. I'll probably go outside a few times during the weekend to give the water and help the dry soil become more normal. I'm not too fussy about my plants so I have to pick ones that are low maintenance and shade tolerant.

I'm also switching MMORPGs, or at least trying a new one. After City of Heroes ended I quit MMOs for a while as a break then returned to Star Trek Online. That was fun for a while, and still fun, but after I reached 50 and completed the main content things seemed like busy work. I tried a different character but I didn't see enough difference in things to really continue. So I'm trying Neverwinter. Usually I don't like game settings where you're stuck in the Dark Ages but I think I could use a switch. I don't have much to lose and if I hate it, at least I could say I gave it an honest try.